Frequently Asked Questions

NO it is strongly recommended that you do not stack them. For example, you create another personal account under your first account. This is considered stacking. This is an unethical practice.
We only use Indian Rupees to make it easy for members to pay for their subscriptions .
All donations you willingly and directly send to a fellow participant are final. No refunds.
Happy Life Web is a New Unique India's first social economy Platform which is always available for bill payments throughout the day 365X24x7. It is a social economy Platform which has a multipurpose- • ● To Pay your bills • ● To Recharge your phone / DTH • ● To Book Bus Tickets / Flight Tickets • ● To Shop Online • ● To Earn Money Through Happy Life Unique Referral Program
Happy Life Mobile App is a Offer’s hub of our Daily Needs and Part time Earnings Era by Completing Some Simple Tasks Like: i) By Downloading Apps ii) By Viewing Video Ads iii) By Completing Surveys iv) By Completing Tasks v) By Shopping in Our Partners Websites vi) By Playing Quiz Program vii) By Using Our Services viii) By Playing Games and Much more…
Yeah!! Your Correct My Friend Happy Life Web & Happy Life Mobile app is Different, You can Earn in Both Platforms with Single Registration.
There are 2 ways for join us: i) Directly join to Happy life income by Clicking Register Button on Top of the Website. ii) Get in touch with the person who invited you to Happy Life Income, ask them to provide their own unique invite link or Referral Code. Use that link or Referral Code to sign up into Happy Life.
Happy Life is Created an Unique Referral Program in which you can earn up-to Lakhs Simply!!, You Just have to refer 5 people then Referral Limit will be Completed then you have to Help your teammates to Complete their 5 Members that’s it like you have to go through 4 Different Levels in where your Team Size will be like this; i) Level – 1 your team size will be “5 Members” ii) Level – 2 your team size will be “25 Members” iii) Level – 3 your team size will be “125 Members” iv) Level – 4 your team size will be “625 Members” If you know more than 5 Members you want to join them in this Program Don’t worry after completing of your 5 Members also you can refer by using your own Referral code or Link, Then our New unique Spillover Will take a Place from 6th person of your referrals will be joined under already referred Members by doing this you can help your downline members and you can grow your team Fastly.
It is an option that can help you to grow faster and easier. In Happy Life Income For example: if you invite more than 5 people with your referral link the new People will go to your next levels by spillover. With this Option Your Team Will Grow Fastly or Speedily then u can easily achieve your goals and dreams As soon as possible.
No this is not an MLM Program, this is purely social economy Platform.
Well a pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid where as “Happy life income” allows every member to earn the same amount by doing the same amount of work.
Your team will be 625 people. You need to support your team to grow their levels and experience success because Happy life income is teamwork. " Help Each other and success together ".
You can Shoot Us Your Questions to us Through Contact us page we are ready to answer Your Question. or u can mail us at
Dear Happy lifer you can give payout request from your account dashboard at any time after Successfully Placing a Payout Request it will take 72 Working Hours to arrive those funds into your Respected Bank Account. And you can track your payout Request Status in your account through My Money >> My Payouts By Clicking on Eye Button you can see your Payout Request Detailed View.
Yeah Dear Happy Lifer to get New updates and information about New offers in Happy Life by Following our Blog Note: Check Our Blog Regularly to Get New offers and information about Happy Life and Partners so Immediately you can grab New offers.
Yes, you can Connect with other Happy Lifers by using our Support forum there you Can ask any questions Related to our Happy Life Then you will get answers from other Happy Lifer’s.